I hosted the 2019 British Organic Geochemical Society conference at Manchester Met. Personally, I think it was a huge success and would like to reiterate my thanks to all of the delegates for making it a fantastic event, to the sponsors for providing the icebreaker, conference dinner, and prizes, and to the Ecology and Environment Research Centre for subsidising the conference fees. Conference abstracts are archived here.

BOGS 2020 will be hosted in Birmingham by Dr James Bendle.

Set up is underway!
Poster hall all ready to go
Icebreaker in full swing
Thank you to the sponsors for the icebreaker drinks
Poster session in full swing
Keynote presentation by Jaime Toney (image G. Inglis)
Conference dinner at Croma
Handing over the BOGS brush to Birmingham

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IMOG 26, Tenerife(!)

This week I am at the 26th IMOG conference, which is taking place in the cold, wet setting of Tenerife. IMOG, the International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry, is a medium sized conference devoted to both academic biogeosciences, especially molecular studies, and also cutting edge research from the oil industry.
Fact of the day: speleothems (stalactites and stalagmites) contain less than 0.01% organic carbon – they are mostly calcium carbonate of course – but you can dissolve away the minerals and inject this tiny fraction directly into an LCMS in order to measure specific organic molecules, and even calculate their carbon isotope composition!