Programme and Abstracts

The abstract booklet can be viewed online or downloaded (PDF). To save paper, the abstracts will not be printed for delegates, only the schedule of the conference. The delegate list is here.


18:00 Icebreaker
The Salutation Pub, 12 Higher Chatham St, M15 6ED


Geoffrey Manton Building, Oxford Road, M15 6EB

09:00 Registration
Coffee and pastries

09:30 Opening remarks
Welcome, health and safety, logistics

Session 1: The Carbon Cycle

09:40 Sara Trojahn
The role of seasonal trends and rain events in carbon export of Scottish peat-dominated headwater streams

10:00 Saule Akmetkaliyeva
Carbon release during 21st century glacier recession: A positive feedback in the global carbon cycle

10:20 Sevda Norouzi
Constraining the Gas Transfer between Atmosphere and Water Alibabalou Streams of Tropical Rainforests of Guyana

10:40 Coleen Murty
Molecular characterization of Sphagnum-derived phenolics and their role in peatland carbon cycling

11:00 Break
Coffee and biscuits

Session 2: Palaeo (climate and ontology)

11:30 Emily Dearing Crampton-Flood
Towards reliable reconstructions of Pliocene terrestrial temperatures using branched tetraether membrane lipids

11:50 Caitlyn Witkowski
Decline of PCO2 from the Miocene based on the δ13C of algal biomarkers

12:10 Bart van Dongen
Mapping of pigment remnants in fossils

12:30 Break
Hot buffet lunch

Session 3: Pollution Monitoring and Remediation

13:30 Katrina Cullen
The impact of environmental parameters on the adsorption of azo dyes on Nyex™

13:50 Daniel Niepsch
Lichen biomonitoring to assess spatial variability of airborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Manchester, UK

14:10 Rakiya Muhammad
Assessing the impacts of oil contamination on soil microbial community/diversity in the Niger Delta (Nigeria)

14:30 Poster talks
One minute slide by each poster presenter

14:50 Break
Coffee and pastries

Session 4: Posters and Keynote

15:00 Poster Session
Beer, wine and soft drinks

16:30 Jaime Toney
Biomarker development and deciphering environmental signals

17:30 Break
Walk / transfer to conference dinner

18:30 Conference Dinner
Croma Restaurant, 3 Clarence St, M2 4DE

21:30 Drinks and Discussion
Brewdog, 35 Peter St, M2 5BG


Geoffrey Manton Building, Oxford Road, M15 6EB

Session 4: Advances in Geochemical Techniques

09:00 Arrival

09:20 Jan Peter Meyser
Innovative solutions to extend selectivity and sensitivity of VOC analysis in soils

09:40 Nathan Hawkins
Metabolic Phenotyping of the Soil Microbiome: High Throughput Phospholipid Fatty Acid Analysis of Soils and Sediments

10:00 Elizabeth Marsden
Investigating the role of mineral ratio in organic matter preservation in marine sediments

10:20 Mike Zwick
Exploring alkenone calibration and micrometre scale molecular stratigraphy in the Northern Great Plains, Canada

10:40 Break
Coffee and biscuits

Session 5: Microbial biomarkers and carbon cycles

11:10 Sophie Nixon
Microbial carbon cycling in the deep terrestrial subsurface

11:30 Rachel Schwartz-Narbonne
Hydrous pyrolysis transformation of methyl-bacteriohopanepolyols to methyl-hopanes and implications for environmental reconstructions

11:50 Gordon Inglis
δ13C values of bacterial hopanoids and leaf waxes as tracers for methanotrophy in peatlands

12:10 Awards
Best student poster presentation, best student oral presentation, location of BOGS 2020 meeting

12:30 Close
Hot buffet lunch


Abigail Savage
GDGTs and BHPs in glacial lakes from Northeastern Greenland

Alexander Mutshow
Effect of Weathering on Markers used in Oil Fingerprinting

Alice Hardman
The Development of 3-Hydroxy Fatty Acid-Based Palaeoclimate Proxies

Bridget Warren
Development and application of novel ecological and environmental proxies from leaf wax lipids

David Jones
Assessing organic and heavy metal pollution in post-industrial Manchester

Emma Burns
Fate of Terrigenous Nitrogen in Arctic Shelf Sediments – An update

James Bendle
Biomarkers in Stalagmites: Reconstructing Temperature, Hydrology, Vegetation and Bacterial Responses to Climate Change.

Jonathan Hall
Mid-Pliocene North Atlantic warming: an insight from marine and terrestrial records

Martina Conti
A New Approach for Studying Past Sea-level Changes Using Molecular Fossils

Matthew Carney
brGDGT Lipid Biomarkers as a Post-Glacial Environmental Proxy

Mingda Wang
What does lacustrine sedimentary n-alkane average chain length from the Tibetan Plateau tell us?

Natta Wiriyakun
Alternative Approach to the Measurement of Cholesterol and Cholestanols as Signatures of Human Activity in Archaeological Contexts

Sharon Fraser
Resinous Coating of Takabuti – the Belfast Mummy

Yvette Eley
OPTiMAL: A new machine learning approach for GDGT-based palaeothermometry